Sunday, April 19, 2009

I had 'em wet!

The O Restaurant and Lounge gets 4 Shazams from this Girl!

I had the St. Louis Style Ribs.... WET!!! Y-u-m-m-y-O! Although I heard the fries were awesome, I opted for the mashed variety! Upon my request, I fully expected to hear "we can do that but for an additional charge!" But, to my surprise, they gave me my mashed potatoes without any hassle what-sO-ever and with nO extra charge! I washed it all down with an Australian Cab Shiraz and topped it off with the silky chocolate mousse!

They gave us crazy girls our own private room where we could laugh and have fun, complete with our own set of patio doors in case things got a little "hot"!! The service was great, the wine was fabulous and the food was delicious!

Maybe next time I'll have the BIG O that Allison raved about!!

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  1. I want to try the Big O too!! It looked really really good.


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