Monday, June 29, 2009

We had the Philo Brie 4-way

Well, what can I say? I was pleasantly surprised by the Gypsy. The ambiance was fantastic and the service was exceptional! Dwayne (?) spoke in a seductive voice which made all menu items sound delectable....but enough about that. I am married after all and I was drinking!

I had one fourth of the philo brie which was terrific and then I had the risotto accompanied by 2 beautiful glasses of wine (oh, really Allison? You drank? That's weird!). The flavours of the risotto were explosive! My only complaint would be that the risotto was luke-warm when it arrived and I prefer my food hot. I finished the meal with a chocolate ganache-like dessert which was so rich! I'm glad Dawna and I shared it (not really, oink!).

Good pick, Dawna! This is my second favourite that we've gone to. But, in all fairness it is tough to beat out a restaurant where I had an "O".

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