Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good Pizza, Good Wine, Good Fun!

I give Escoba 4 ½ Shazzams. I had the Carne flatbread which was basically their version of a meat lovers pizza (awesome for us O-blood types!). It was fabulous. I traded a slice of mine for a slice of Allison’s (Eon? Flatbread). It was equally yummy with goat cheese and artichokes. A few of us were there at 6pm for the complimentary wine tasting, which was really fun. The Wine Guy (or the Sommelier if you’re being all fancy) was very informative. We liked the Chianti he served so much, we split a bottle 4 ways and shared an appetizer (Chickpea dip) before the rest of the gang joined us at 7pm. It’s true that the menu is limited and some items were pricey, but this is a Wine Bar after all. I loved the service, the food and the wine. Escoba is pretty great! I can’t wait to go back again sometime.

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