Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kulinary Kids

Wow, I must say that Kulinary Kids was a blast, we got to make most of our own food, and I must say we did a fabulous job!

I learned how to make yams tolerable, woohoo! The tenderloin was seasoned just right and I enjoyed every bite! The blueberry reduction was outstanding and simply the best I've ever had! Everything was amazing...we are truly great cooks!!! Chef Stephanie and Kim did a great job with our menu, thank you, thank you! I enjoyed it so much I have booked my step daughters birthday party there!

We are still waiting for the recipes, I have spoken with Chef Stephanie and apparently the recipes were emailed to Canda a while back! HINT HINT Canda, please pass them along!

I give Kulinary Kids 5 Shazams!

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