Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Anyone for the Long Song?

All right stop, collaborate and listen, Ice is back with my brand new invention.....okay now before I break further into song, the "Long Song" I want to share with you, isn't my rendition of "Ice, Ice, Baby" but the Pad Kai Long Song at the King & I Thai Cuisine Restaurant! Can we say delicious?!?! With a hint of heat in the peanut sauce, the tender chicken was served on a bed of spinach and it was my favourite!

Our group opted to share a number of dishes in addition to the Pad Kai Long Song which included Galanga Cashew Chicken, Galanga Cashew Beef (okay, so we're fond of cashews), Nuea Nam Dang, Buddha's Delight and of course, the ever so flavourful coconut rice! Top that off with the Banana Spring Rolls, the Chocolate Silk Pie and the Chocolate Pate and you've got yourself a fantastic Thai meal! Oh, and don't forget the very tasty Malbec Red Wine that is so affordable that you can order a 1/2 liter for the price that most single glasses cost in a typical restaurant!

Not only is this restaurant easy to get to (right on 11th Avenue and 8th street) but parking was just out the door on the street and free after 6pm! The ambiance is modern and classy and the waiter was excellent. I will definitely be back again in the future!

I give this restaurant 4 out of 5 shazams!

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