Friday, July 31, 2009

The King & I - 3 Shazam's

We went to the King & I this month for dinner club, I hadn't been there for many years. The restaurant was tastefully decorated but other than the coconut rice there was nothing that triggered any memories for me. I loved seeing the gong and would have enjoyed hearing it's hauntingly beautiful echo! Perhaps in the past, there are others like me, that took advantage of an opportunity when it presented itself, because the mallet was nowhere to be seen??? The service was great and the wine was pretty good. This one only gets 3 Shazam's for me, should maybe be 4 ish but...they lose 1 for not having the mallet for the gong!

Ok, on to the food! My favourite, of course, being a seafood lover, was the seafood dish that only 3 of us shared! Yum yum! Thanks to the other 4 for not liking seafood. I also really enjoyed the salad rolls, loved the cilantro in them and the sauce was much lighter than most salad roll sauces. The coconut rice was just as I remembered it from years gone by. There was only one dish that I found a bit too warm for my palate, but please don't ask me which it was, it was in mixed in with everything else that was heaped on my plate! It may have been the beef with spinach dish, but not sure and wouldn't want to condemn a good dish unnecessarily. Brandi & I shared desserts (as usual, thank god for sisters!) we had the banana spring roll with coconut ice cream, it was amazing! The ice cream was super good and had bits of coconut in it, very tasty! The other dessert we tried was a mango jello like thingy, which looked beautiful but didn't quite deliver on taste.

Many thanks to Nicole for the great pics and having the foresight to write down the names of the food we ate!

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