Friday, July 31, 2009

Mango Mouse? What was I thinking....

I’m giving the King & I 3 ½ shazams. Can I do that?? It’s better than a 3; not quite a 4. I loved the spicy Pad Kai Long Song and the banana spring rolls which Lisa and shared. The Chu Chu Seafood dish was also quite tasty. However the Mango mouse was a disaster! What was I thinking? I could’ve ordered a chocolate silk pie or the chocolate pate (damn yours looked good Nicole), but nnooooo I had to get all fancy and order the mouse, which was like an old leather jelly-like barf-fest, with mangos on the side. Yuck. The service was good, the prices were decent. I was sorely disappointed with my choice of dessert and I wish I would’ve known about the Tiger beer, Allison, that sounded good! 3 ½ shazams kids; You just can’t beat the ‘O’.

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